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Scenes from February 2024

Ms. Green works with students in Grade 4.


WSP Early Childhood teachers attend the WECAN Early Childhood Educators Conference in February in Spring Valley, NY.


Students and faculty in the Grades Program enjoyed the annual WSP Valentine's Day ice skating outing.


Mr. Nadiv demonstrates wet-on-wet watercolor painting and brush cleaning as Grade 1 students patiently listen with anticipation. Students then created their own paintings.


Second grade playing rhythm sticks during a class performance on Friday.


Grade 5 celebrates the Lunar New Year by painting and creating dragons.


Little Friends deliver handmade Valentines to Kindergarten teachers as part of their Bridge to Kindergarten activities.


Heart-shaped apples alongside heart-shaped berry cake in Rosebud Nursery.


Buttercup Kindergarten students hand out handmade Valentines with the help of Ms. Jill and Mr. Ayden.


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