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Extended Care Program

Through its rhythm, the Extended Care Program enriches children of the school through a harmonious extension of their daily Waldorf curriculum, and provides them with a nurturing atmosphere incorporating the values of imagination and knowledge integral to Waldorf philosophy.

About the Program

Waldorf School of Pittsburgh offers an Extended Care Program welcoming children from Nursery through 6th Grade.*


Our afternoon begins with relaxed play and creative projects indoors, followed by a homemade snack. We then move outside for energetic play and games for up to one and a half hours and conclude the day inside with stories and free time. The program offers many seasonal crafts and music, and provides opportunities for older children to work on their homework.


Monday–Friday, 3–5pm,


Contracted or occasional use


Please see the Tuition & Fees page. 

*Extended Care is not offered for children in the Little Friends Program.


Applying to the Program

Space is limited in the Extended Care Program, and applications are accepted on a first come, first served basis until all spaces are filled.


Admission to the Extended Care Program requires a completed application through TADS, along with completion of a Financial Agreement Form, Emergency Contact Form, and a recent Health Form. These forms are available on the Required Forms page of the website.

To apply, please follow this process for signing your child up:
  1. Login to your TADS account

  2. Choose Enrollment from the menu bar

  3. Click on the account number link for the child you wish to enroll in ASP.

  4. Click link to edit student’s enrollment information.

  5. Click Supplemental on the blue menu bar.

  6. “Are you interested in enrolling your child in Extended Care?”

  7. Answer should be N/A unless you are already signed up. If you are signed up you can exit.

  8. If says N/A, scroll to bottom of page and click green Edit button

  9. Choose yes and proceed.

Required Documents for the program include:

Financial Agreement and Emergency Contact forms MUST be submitted prior to your child attending the program.

The Health Form must be filled out and signed by a physician, and must be from within the past 12 months from the start date of school. The Health Form can be submitted up to six weeks after your child’s first use of the program.


All required forms are available in the school’s Front Office and can be left in the Extended Care mailbox.

Additional Information

Our Extended Care Program also offers full day care from 8 am–4 pm on specified in-service days, conference days, and select holidays. Please see our school calendar for more information.


For questions, please contact the Extended Care Program Coordinator at

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