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Giving to Waldorf School of Pittsburgh

Your gifts directly contribute to the experience children have at Waldorf School of Pittsburgh. They affirm and celebrate all that we have created and help us to shape our world for the future. Thank you for your generosity.

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This year’s Annual Fund kick-off is on Friday, September 30th, coinciding with our Michaelmas celebration. Our theme, ‘Reflect, Rekindle, Renew’, is inspired by this time of year when we reflect on the depth of our ideals as a school community, when we rekindle their vibrancy, and we renew our strength in meeting these ideals within ourselves and with one another.

The 8th Grade Classroom aspires to meet Core Green Building Certification — a framework outlining ten achievements a building must obtain to be considered green and sustainable. This is the first classroom of its kind for a school in the country and is a true reflection of our values as a Waldorf school. 


Donating to Waldorf School of Pittsburgh

Community support is the cornerstone of a high-quality, independent school education. The generous financial support we receive from our community goes directly toward expenses not fully covered by tuition alone.


Fundraising Opportunities

There are many ways to support Waldorf School of Pittsburgh. We invite you to take advantage of these easy ways to give.


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