Clubs and Middle School Sports

Forming connections and building confidence are two guiding principles for Waldorf School of Pittsburgh's Clubs and Sports.

Clubs typically start in Grade 3 and are formed based on student interest and facilitator availability. We often include parent volunteers eager to share their talents and gifts with our school community.


Middle School Sports, beginning in Grade 6, allow for gainful skills and technique that meet curriculum taught during the school day. Group competition in Middle School prepares WSP students for high school sports by honing movement acquisition while working in a team setting. We find that our Elementary Games and Middle School Physical Education classes provide WSP students with the strong foundation for healthy movement and teamwork needed for sports participation.

Multi-level grade interaction gives students the opportunity to explore new and exciting activities with other students they may not know or know well.

Waldorf School of Pittsburgh offers a variety of Middle School Clubs and Sports on a regular seasonal basis:


  • Basketball​

  • Chess

  • D&D

  • Eurythmy

  • Fencing

  • Flag Football

  • Handwork

  • Interscholastic Reading Competition Club

  • Lunch-time Dodgeball

  • Magic the Gathering

  • Robotics

  • Ski and Snowboard

  • Tennis

  • Writer's Circle

  • Cross Country

  • Soccer

  • Ultimate Frisbee


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