Parent Association

The Parent Association is dedicated to the healthy growth, development, and well-being of Waldorf School of Pittsburgh through building community, fostering education through the lifespan, and nurturing the spirit in the school’s social life.

Realizing Our Mission

The Parent Association works in partnership with the Board of Trustees, faculty, and administration to further the goals of education and communication within the adult community and to assist those bodies toward the continued success and wellness of the school. 

Parent Association membership is free and welcomes all parents and guardians in the WSP community, at any stage of their child(ren)’s matriculation at the school. 

We work to realize our mission by:

  • welcoming and familiarizing new families 

  • strengthening each classroom community 

  • enabling dialogue between parents, the Board, faculty, and the leadership team

  • supporting volunteerism efforts

  • encouraging parental involvement

  • fostering a deepened connection to Waldorf pedagogy

  • providing hospitality to visitors 

  • facilitating faculty and staff appreciation efforts

  • encouraging the development of relationships between the WSP community and the community-at-large

Parent Association Innitiatives

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The Waldorf School of Pittsburgh Parent Association is responsible for a wide variety of events that strengthen our school community: ​

  • Coffee on the Grounds

  • Winter gear exchange

  • Winter Greens fundraiser

  • Hospitality efforts during Back to School Nights, Open Houses, and special events
  • Grounds clean up
  • Co-ordinated faculty and staff gift-giving

The WSP Community Cupboard

The Parent Association is excited about its newest initiative, The WSP Community Cupboard, that we hope will help to meet the needs of folks in our community. This is a private, mostly virtually-based resource that will allow us to facilitate the exchange of food and household necessities between those who may need a helping hand, and those who have enough to share with others.

Visit WSP Community Cupboard to make a request, donate, or learn more!

Other PA Support

The PA also runs two Facebook Groups: 
WSP Parents Group  
WSP Clothing/Gear Sale/Exchange

Parent Association Leadership

The Waldorf School of Pittsburgh Parent Association is led by two co-chairs and supported by representatives from each class. Every parent of a WSP student is considered part of the PA.


A Parent Association Representative to the Board attends all PA and WSP Board meetings to act as a liaison between the two groups. The PA Board Rep is a voting member of the board.

2020–2021 PA Co-Chairs
  • Lauren Goldstein

  • Mark Staley

2020–2021 PA Board Rep
  • Meghan Dann

2020–2021 PA Strategic Advisor
  • Manola Handler

Parent Association Meetings

Parent Association meetings, which are open to all parents, will be announced in the school newsletter. Class Parent Representatives attend Parent Association meetings when they are called, reporting back to the parents of the class on issues, events, and the need for volunteers for specific events.




2020–2021 PA Meetings
  • September 12, 2020

  • November 7, 2020 (Finance Update)

  • January 9, 2021 (PA Class Reps only)

  • February 6, 2021

  • April 10, 2021

The Latest Parent Association News