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Scenes from January 2024

Sunflower and Daisy Kindergarten students enjoy new outdoor toys amidst the late-January rain and mud.


Ms. Jill leads the Buttercups in circle.


Middle School students sing during morning assembly, led by Ms. Thomas, Ms. King, and Ms. Opdahl.


8th Grade completed its Platonic solids block and did some work to further understand what makes these solids special, whether that's their perfect symmetry, that they hold the Golden Ratio, or that they are the only 5 that meet certain criteria. To wrap up the block we explored a brief proof to show that they are indeed the only 5 solids that share various features and also explored some of the Archimedean solids by forming their nets.


Morning lesson in Grade 4.


Grade 8 movement!


Grade 6 math with Ms. Pollack.


Third Grade students experience a snowy recess.


8th Grade sings the song “City” in Russian at morning assembly and then presents the Golden Broom to 1st Grade.


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