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Scenes from the Week: April 22–18

Sunflower Kindergarteners sand and polish blocks.


Kindergarten classes switched pods and play spaces outside. One Early Childhood teacher said, “It was like a field trip! The children were so happy.”


Dandelion Kindergarteners folded flowers and rays of sunshine.


Kindness lesson! After hearing a story about a mushroom and how it grew as the space under it was shared by the little forest creatures during a rainstorm, Grade One drew a group mural on the board. Each student also drew their own version of the mural at their desks.


Grade 4 is in a new Orixa block. The class is reviewing parts of speech—adverbs this week—along with learning about the personalities of spirits in the Yoruba pantheon. Eshu is the Orixa of the crossroads and a messenger to Olodumare. He is also known as a trickster!


Seedlings are getting ready for the May Fair plant sale to support the 8th grade.


This week, WSP Middle School students began rehearsing A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare! The purpose of the play in the middle school years at WSP is to grow the social fabric of the three classes, to give students connections with peers outside of their own classes, and to support public speaking, creativity, flexibility in thinking, and collaboration. The magic that happens on the stage and in rehearsals helps the students develop a new sense of self and appreciation for others, and the work that each student puts into the process supports the final presentation. It's a growing and learning experience we are so glad to be able to witness this year! The play will be performed on Thursday, May 12 and Friday, May 13 at 5pm on the Heartwood Annex stage.


Thank you to all of the students and families who helped plant Spring bulbs on campus. Every day they add life and joy to our time on campus.


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