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Scenes from Campus: March 2022

Morning Garden infant class returns to campus. This is the first time in two years that we have had this class on campus!


Blacksmith, Ben Grubb, visited Grade 3 this week, and students learned how to make a hand cultivator for gardening. A favorite part of the process was “quenching” — dipping the hot steel in water to cool.


Grade 1 enjoys free play time with blocks and body socks.


Little Friends made pinecone bird feeders.


The sun was out this week! Grades 6–8 warm up in PE Class and Grade 3–5 enjoy recess. And yes, the student made the basket!


This month, WSP parent, Leah Gakenia, visited seventh grade during their African Geography block to share her experience of growing up in Kenya. Students learned about the education system, languages (48!), currency, the mining industry, major cities, national parks, and more!


7th and 8th grade students play soccer and practice violin while waiting to take violin tests in Heartwood Annex.


Grade 7 eurythmy.


Ultimate Frisbee Club started this month for WSP middle school students.


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