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Growth is All Around Us

A Letter from Our Head of School

“Did you see me fly the kite?” a child asked me as I watched from the stage of Heartwood Annex. Indeed, I had seen him fly the kite and noted the effort required and the adjustments that were made each time the child learned something new about what made the kite fly better.

First, I watched as he rolled up the string around its spool to lessen the slack. Then, he gave the kite to the child next to him to hold, so they could have a coordinated start. At an agreed upon time, the first child took off running as fast as he could with his arm high above his head holding the string while the second child let go of the kite at just the right time.

“Go! Go! Go!” we shouted. Up went the kite.

In order to keep the kite airborne with the correct wind conditions, the child could only turn briefly to see his kite soaring high above him before turning around to maintain his speed and focus. The level of tension needed could be sustained for only so long before the kite made its way to the ground and another launch was required. Still, the ability to meet this challenge was deeply satisfying.

Watching the children make the adjustments in their kite flying reminded me of the newness of spring around us, and the way we adjust to those changes daily.

It’s exciting to see a few of the early spring flowers come into bloom with more on their way — perhaps after the snow showers this weekend. Most of us still wear our winter coats in the mornings only to shed them in the afternoons as the sun warms us. Mask wearing is optional outdoors and children have adapted to this shift. I giggled this morning when a kindergarten child who was not wearing a mask outside in the play area saw me wearing my mask lowered on my face instructed, “Please put your mask over your nose.” His teacher reminded him that we were outside, but it was a sweet reminder to me of the time it takes for change to settle in. I smiled and put my mask up. Perhaps the child was only used to seeing me with my mask on.

We are so lucky to be on campus to work in a way that sometimes feels like working with a large extended family. We are going through our own changes right now with the seasons, with the pandemic, and with the developmental changes that come at this time of year for the children and for us as a school. It is our intention to be supportive, aware, and kind as we each make adjustments and engage with the signs of new growth around us.

With warm spring greetings,

Kirsten Christopherson-Clark

Head of School


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