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Scenes from the Week: 11/01–11/04

Grade 4 occupies the South Wing of the school which can sometimes feel like its own little world. Found on the walls of the hallway leading to the classroom are expressions of what the class has been learning all year. This week we find drawings created as the class embarks on its first Human Being and Animal Studies block of the year. This block brings a new level of scientific exploration as students learn about animals, their attributes, and the qualities that set human beings apart from the animal world.


A busy Second Grade with a very full chalk board creates messages of gratitude for WSP faculty and administration.


During morning lesson, Grade 7 began its first history block of the year, one that focuses on forging new paths. Traditionally, Waldorf curriculum in 7th grade has centered around "explorers" and the European Renaissance as a way to meet the students' burgeoning thinking and desire to investigate new ideas; however, in order to stretch beyond the Eurocentric gaze, we include studies of people across the world who were transforming ways of thinking into something new. This week the class has heard stories of China's Zheng He and the Treasure Fleet, notably the largest and most advanced maritime expeditions to occur in history. During this portion of the Ming Dynasty (1400s), trade routes were expanded and diplomatic relationships were forged throughout the regions of the South China Sea and Indian Ocean.

The class learned about the rise of the samurai class in Japan during the 1100s–1800s. Through biographies of a few key members of the Minamoto family, the class has learned about feudalism in Japan and the way of life of the Samurai, including the Bushido Code and tea ceremonies. Students also heard about the onna-geisha or onna-musha (female warriors) who fought alongside the men in later periods via the biography of Nakano Takeko.


First Grade students explore books during rest time, looking for the words they can now recognize.


Morning nature walks have become a solid and treasured piece of the Rosebud Nursery morning rhythm. Each morning the class spends time walking together and engaged in simple observations of all that is around. Today, children in the Rosebud Nursery received a small surprise when they ventured off their usual path and headed across the street to Friendship Perk & Brew where they were treated to mouse-shaped pancakes for snack time! The children had the opportunity to warm up in the coffee shop and get to know a piece of their neighborhood a bit better on this frosty morning. Sticky fingers and giggles were shared by all!


A first snowy day!


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