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Scenes from the Week: 11/01–11/04

The WSP Middle School Cross Country Team celebrates the end of the season with a Candy Run organized by captains—costumes optional—over in Friendship Park.

Members of the team present Coach Christina and Ms. Illar with gifts of gratitude to close a successful season.


Grade 8 moves into a physics block where students study propagation of light, sound, magnetism, and more. The class works with water prisms and glass prisms as they discuss the effects of light. Students will welcome WSP art teacher, Ms. Brindar, who will work with the class on shading techniques and blending colors together to bring these spectrums into morning lesson artwork. Future studies of the ear and the eye in the 8th Grade anatomy block will bring these topics back and solidify a connection across the units.

Shown below are students observing Ms. Illar perform an experiment using light and water.


Strings practice in the auditorium.

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