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Scenes from the Month: March 2023

Students, staff, and parents visited the Grade 4 classroom on Thursday for Animals Around the Globe, an exhibit of Grade 4 student research projects and dioramas. This work is part of the Grade 4 Human and Animal block.


First Sharing from Grade 1—a singing performance of “Do-Re-Mi” from The Sound of Music.


Grade 2 finished their sheep in Handwork this month.


Students in the grades program enjoyed a Strings Sharing!


Rosebud Nursery students celebrate another March birthday with special visitors—parents and a baby sibling—in the play yard.


The children in Buttercup Kindergarten wet-felted eggs this month. The students were really excited to keep their eggs cozy and warm in nests on their nature table.


Newly hatched baby Quail in the 4th Grade classroom. Read about the turkey eggs the class cared for here and here.


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