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Scenes from June 2023

Children in Little Friends proudly show their finger knitting and enjoy the seesaw.


The WSP Class of 2030 celebrates its last day of first grade.


Grades 4 and 5 collaborate to create beeswax packets for children who are staying at a shelter sponsored by A Few of a Kind Bookstore.


The families of Grade 2 students surprised Ms. Goodman with a baby shower on the last day of school.


Students in Grade 7 read to third graders during the last week of school.


WSP students and alumni (Class of 2023!) attend The Sword, The Pen, and The Arrow Summer Program offered by Spacial Dynamics® Institute where WSP Athletics Director and Class of 2023 Lead Teacher Ang Illar is teaching. The week-long program in Mechanicville, NY provides students with an opportunity to explore the disciplines of fencing, writing, and archery “where goal-orientedness, word-smithing and social interaction pave the paths for sovereignty, inventiveness, and independence.”


It is tradition that rising first graders make marionettes as their final kindergarten handwork project. This project is an expression of the will children have been developing throughout the kindergarten years. The marionettes then appear in a puppet story created by the children and performed for their class and other students in Early Childhood programs. Here you can see four very proud Buttercup Kindergarteners with their creations!


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