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Scenes from the Week: 05/30–06/02

These beautiful last days of the school year bring students and faculty outdoors for lunch and recess.


Grade 4 performs a circus arts show for grades 1 and 2. As in many other Waldorf schools, it is a tradition in our school for circus arts to be a part of the movement curriculum for the 4th grade. To learn more about the role of circus arts in improving mental health in children check out this article on the topic.


Grade 2 students completed knitting their gnomes and were surprised with a gnome hunt today!


Middle School Orchestra rehearses.


Grade 5 enjoyed the WSP grounds and its many botanical wonders. The class explored the parts of flowers while comparing different varieties. With their observations in mind the class watched pollinators to see how they move. As an introduction to photosynthesis students drew with chlorophyll expressed from leaves, started a multi-day experiment of blocking light from some of the leaves outside, and saw air bubbles created through a leaf's respiration when floating in a bit of water.

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