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Scenes from In-person and Parallel Learning

While some students continue to learn from home others have returned to campus for in-person learning this week.


Grade 8 is making good use of the patio just outside the new classroom.


Parallel Learners in Grades 1 and 2 join classmates via Zoom throughout the day.


Grade 6 participates in a vigorous game of Zip Zap Zop in their outdoor classroom.


It seems our campus has been transformed by the 8th Grade Classroom at just the right time for our school. Classes have ample green space for spreading out during the day.


Following an intense game of Red Light, Green Light with Ms. Illar, Grade 2 enjoys free play in the Grades Play Yard.


Outdoor sinks allow for handwashing without the need to go inside.


Grade 1 meets with Ms. Banach and Ms. Collier for handwork at their outdoor classroom in the Fairy Garden.

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