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Scenes from Distance Learning: 1/3–1/7

Prior to the holiday break, the 3rd Grade Spanish students learned the names of various rooms in the house. They illustrated each of these rooms and created a cover to make their own complete books of ‘La casa’.

Following the holiday break, we experienced the serendipitous benefits of Spanish class online. As many students logged into Zoom from different rooms in their respective homes, we were able to practice and use the vocabulary by each student stating in Spanish which room they were in during class time!


While students were not on campus for classes this past week, teachers prepared their classrooms for the second half of the school year. Chalkboard drawings show the Winter season (Grade 1) and scenes from stories in a language arts block (Grade 3).


Grade One form drawing at home.


Third Grade students continue their music studies at home.


Grade 5 studies North American history and geography.


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