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Scenes from Campus: 9/20–9/24

Miss Amanda is reciting “Peas Porridge Hot” with Little Friends on one of our first chilly days of fall.


Morning Garden Transition and Bluebell Nursery children engage in the work of play by putting babies to sleep and scrubbing the inside of the playhouse with water and a scrub brush.


The Dandelion Kindergarten classroom is alive with children solving puzzles and building with blocks. Buttercup Kindergarten is hard at work preparing for Michaelmas. Children turning five this year sew crowns. Poppy Kindergarteners enjoy snack in their cozy classroom.


Grade One explores the letter “f” as in fish and many other words this week while learning remotely with Ms. Killian. The class had to quarantine this week, but that did not keep the students from forging ahead with their studies.


Grade Two joyfully moves through animal themed walks and crawls (a crab, a duck, a bear, etc.) as part of their morning circle.


This week, Third Grade learned about the celebration of Sukkot. With help from special parent volunteers, they built a Sukkah and were able to take turns eating their snacks in it throughout the week.


Grade Four jumps into the study of local history!

The class has been studying the history of our main building on campus. Mr. Mark gave the students a tour of spaces not usually open to anyone other than staff, such as the ventilation and cleaning room below the main entrance. Did you know there is a secret staircase to a former dormitory?

The students pose in front of the Victorian building with their own drawings of the structure.


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