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Scenes from Campus: 9/13–9/17

Six year olds in the Sunflower and Buttercup Kindergartens prepare for Michaelmas by making their own swords. The process involves sawing and sanding—two activities of strength and will.

The classes also enjoy their new sandbox.


Third Grade begins its Living on Earth block in which the students delve into gardening, farming, and food. They begin by learning about the Three Sisters: corn, beans, and squash.

On Wednesday, the students visited Kincaid Garden, a local community garden, where the class identified many plants and pulled up bunches of Japanese Knotweed.

A chalkboard drawing by Ms. Wiegman of a pear tree in her neighborhood heavy with pears—a beautiful image of nature’s bounty.


Grade Five reads aloud from I Can Make a Promise by Christine Day. This book is part of their Language Arts lesson.

Fifth Grade Botany studies begin with the life of George Washington Carver. Students retell the story of his life in their own words in their main lesson books.


Middle School Cross Country Started this week! Grades 5–8 held their first practice. Miss Christina “Coach C” demonstrates warm-up exercises before the team takes off on their first run. They have two scheduled meets this fall arranged by our Athletics Director, Ms. Illar.


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