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Scenes from Distance Learning: Week 1

We hope you enjoy this special look at how our students and teachers are continuing the work of Waldorf Education at a distance with the same beauty and humor they bring to the physical classroom.


One of our Little Friends children was excited to show her big sister a card from her teacher!


Our Kindergarten students continued baking at home.


Students in Ms. Penny's Poppy Kindergarten worked hard on crafts this week, with beautiful results!


Siblings from across grades came together to work on painting.


Work from our First Grade students celebrated the start of spring.


Our Second Grade students baked, painted, and drew this week!


Our Fourth Grade students have been observing birds each day, learning about them, and drawing them.


Special Subjects have also continued with distance learning, including Handwork projects like those from Grades 4 and 5 shown here.


Sixth graders worked hard on creating these wonderful drawings of Islamic design.


Our Board held its regular monthly meeting via Zoom this month—spring was in the air and turned our Head of School temporarily into a bird!


Ms. Opdahl and Ms. Goodman have found some new coworkers while working remotely. Señora Garcés is bringing new meaning to the phrase "open office plan" by working remotely from her house, which she moved into just before distance learning began!


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