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Closing out our 30th Year

A Letter from Our Head of School

As the 2023–24 school year comes to a close, we reflect on this year’s theme of “Holding 30 Years of Community”. Our thirtieth anniversary year has been filled with meaningful milestones and celebrations for our students and community as a whole.

In May, our rising first graders planted sunflower seeds in front of the school. As one child received a seed in her hand she remarked, “I can’t believe something so small will grow to be so big!” This moment made me pause as I observed the children who would start first grade in the fall and contemplated all that had taken place since the first seeds had been planted for the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh. Everyday we have the opportunity to watch children experience the wonder of the world, recognize and appreciate each others’ gifts and strivings, develop their skills, and be part of their class community.

This year, it was our goal to be more intentional with reaching out to our alumni families. We were inspired to host a few events that reconnected us. Two basketball games and one frisbee game brought many alumni together and left participants eager to schedule more games next year. Earlier this month, we were honored to host a morning gathering for alumni parents. It was a joy to reminisce over photos and artifacts from the past, tour the school, and dance the Maypole! We look forward to planning more events in the future.

So many people have been part of our school since opening our school doors in September of 1993. Our relationships with one another have allowed WSP to grow and develop over the past thirty years. What started as a seed has blossomed! May we continue to grow.

With gratitude and best wishes for the summer,

Kirsten Christopherson-Clark

Head of School


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