Black History Month Vignettes — Grade 6, Grade 3, and Little Friends

Grade Six began Black History month by reading Reaching for the Moon, an autobiography of NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson. The class discussed the sexism and racism faced by Johnson, as well as the microaggressions she experienced and her reactions to them.

Students also began an exploration of how art can support social justice by examining the ways in which the Black Lives Matter movement has used art. This week, students analyzed a variety of Black Lives Matter murals and began to create pieces of original art that they see as supporting racial justice in the United States.

Grade 3 recreated a Lois Mailou Jones painting through a collaborative approach. Each student painted one section of the original painting. Once finished, the students pieced all of the individual paintings together to form the entire work of art.

In the Little Friends program we learn about racial identity from a young age.


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