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Waldorf Education and Social Justice

A Special Message to Our Community

Dear WSP Families,

I reach out to you today acknowledging the pain and injustice that has been experienced locally and throughout our nation this past week. The Minneapolis Police Officers' barbaric treatment of George Floyd which led to his death is a stark reminder of the systemic and structural racism experienced by black people and people of color in our country everyday. During this time, our hearts are bound together as a community even though we are physically separated due to the pandemic.

Given its founding during great social upheaval after the first World War, Waldorf education is deeply rooted in social justice. Everyday, our teachers are committed to bringing Waldorf education's mission of social renewal. While this is the last week of school for our grades students, we continue meaningful lessons that meet the needs of our times as well as the developmental needs of our students.

Today, the middle school teachers held a zoom call for students to discuss events happening in Pittsburgh and around the world. It was inspiring to hear how students were able to engage in difficult and uncomfortable conversations, find their voices, and transform the conversation into actionable deeds.

One of our middle school students named Chance wrote a position statement that closed with the following:

“Even though we have inherited this world full of hatred, we as young people can rise, overcome these acts of cruelty and change how we, as one mighty community, change the course of the world and humanity.”

Our students bring light in times of darkness. With our purpose of inspiring the life-long task of self-education, WSP continues to ask ourselves how we can and will evolve as a community connected to the broader city of Pittsburgh and to the world. Our mission of social renewal remains at the heart of what we do and who we are. We are committed to forging a path of peace and justice for all.

You may find yourself in need of resources for either you or your children. Here are a few, but please reach out to your child(ren)'s teacher if you wish for more.


A list of children's books about racism:

Together in our hearts,

Kirsten Christopherson-Clark

Head of School

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