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Summer Camp Update

There will be no WSP summer camp this year.

This school year has demonstrated our resilience as a school community while requiring immense strength and collaboration to navigate the many challenges. We are so grateful to our community for your exceptional flexibility and steadiness.

Given all we have been through as an institution, we have decided we will not hold summer programming this year which includes Summer Camp. Camp Waldorf has enjoyed many years of welcoming children from other schools, states and even campers from other countries. Our school is committed to continuing with this inclusive model in subsequent years. Given the amount of pre-planning that we conduct for a successful summer camp experience, as well as our current knowledge of COVID-19 health and safety protocols, Camp Waldorf would require additional attention beyond our capacity. It is important to acknowledge the exhaustion felt by faculty and staff is both physical and emotional and we need to take a breath before moving into a new school year together.

We look forward to restoring our balance and preparing for a new school year this summer. Our start date for the full school (Little Friends through Grade 8) is scheduled for August 31, 2021.

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