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Early Childhood Calendar Changes

Extended school year for all EC programs and Little Friends summer program update.

Over the past month, WSP has been focused on the needs of our teachers and staff — as well as the school as an institution — with the goal of restoring balance after an intense twelve months, all while preparing for the next academic year. As a result, WSP has decided to refrain from holding our Little Friends 2021 Summer Program. We want employees to gain the time and space needed to safely visit and reconnect with loved ones.

Although we are not running summer programming, Little Friends Faculty, our Leadership Team, and the Board agreed to extend the 2020–2021 Little Friends school year to June 25th at no additional cost to families. We will provide these additional weeks to support families and to replenish in-person time lost due to COVID-19 mitigation efforts.

In addition, we are pleased to share with you that we will extend the Early Childhood school year through Thursday, June 10 for Nursery and Kindergarten. Class on Thursday, June 10 will be a half day in keeping with the established Grades calendar. While our last day was originally scheduled for Friday, June 4, we want to provide these additional days to support families and to replenish some of the in-person time lost due to COVID-19 mitigation efforts.


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