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Scenes from the Month: January 2023

Students in Grade 7 have been researching a Central or South American country of their choice, both in class and at home. Areas of focus include the physical features of the country, people who have lived and currently live there, food, and animals and plant life. In recent weeks the class has worked on paraphrasing and note taking. The goals of this work are for students to continue developing note taking skills, to further develop the ability to synthesize information, and to show their knowledge in a variety of ways—and maybe even have fun along the way! Each class member prepared a simple dish from their selected country to share with their classmates.


Poppy and Dandelion Kindergarten students celebrated the first snowy day of 2023 on campus with a muddy and mulch-y snowperson.


The hallway outside the Grade 4 classroom is bursting with student work. 4th Graders explored the concepts of past, present, and future through writing and art.


Miss Jill leads Buttercup Kindergarteners in a Circle about a woodcutter and woodpeckers. Rhythm sticks are used to create woodpecker sounds.


Middle school students created Persian miniatures with art teacher Olga Brindar.


Ms. Andrews leads the 6th grade strings!


A sweet basket of will and intention—the Grade 1 Handwork basket holding the knitting needles and in-progress scarves made by the first graders.


The WSP Parent Association thanked the Administrative team for its work this school year by providing a taco bar lunch this week. Mr. Mark assembles a tasty taco!


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