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Scenes from Distance Learning: Week 2

As we continue to look to the future in handling this situation, we hope you'll take a moment with us to pause and appreciate how our faculty and students are handling the present — with joy, humor, and a focus on community.


The children in our Early Childhood classes have continued crafting this week, including making beautiful treasure pouches perfect for collecting spring treasures!

Siblings have been helping to keep each other motivated while distance learning continues!


Our Fifth Grade students really took this week's assignment to heart, creating magnificent Greek outfits as part of their studies.


Not to be outdone, our Sixth Grade students also delivered on their assignment to create Renaissance headdresses, even making sure their pets were properly attired as well!

Ms. Goodman set the bar high for her class with her daily sartorial exploration of medieval styles while Mr. Wagner let his alter ego, Dr. Wagennerd, take over for a few distance learning sessions this week.

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