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Scenes from Campus: 10/11–10/15

Sunflower and Buttercup Kindergarten enjoy the autumn leaves on campus.


First Grade plays a fun guessing game in Russian class with Mrs. Shvartsman. One child stands with his back turned to his class and his eyes closed. Another child is silently called on to tap him on the shoulder and quietly walk back to her desk. The child who has his eyes closed may then open his eyes, turn around, and guess which classmate has tapped his shoulder.


Grade 4 painted autumn trees in water color and spent time reading in pairs amongst the fallen leaves on campus.


Ms. Illar referees a 4th and 5th Grade basketball game at recess.


Fifth Grade collected flowers from campus during their botany lessons and observations. They pressed them and created mandalas as they moved into their block on Ancient India.


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