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Our Larger Waldorf Community Work: AWSNA Climate and Inclusion Survey

We have partnered with Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) and approximately 38 other Waldorf schools to conduct a survey that will give the larger Waldorf community as well as our school community current data to be used to identify areas in which Waldorf Schools can improve and grow. This will support the work our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee is doing.

The primary goal of this survey is to gain insight into our own experiences as a Waldorf School in North America in the areas of community and our learning climate. Most specifically, how we are doing as Waldorf Schools relative to belonging, diversity, cultural awareness and action, and in creating a positive and inclusive school climate.

The survey will take about 20 minutes to complete and will be available to current middle school students (Grades 6–8), all families, faculty and staff, and alumni of the school. The questions have been researched and validated by experts at Harvard University. Your responses are protected and remain private.

Please consider completing the survey(s). Your input is essential! Surveys will be open from Monday, April 12 until Friday, April 30, 2021.

We are reaching out to 8 groups of our WSP community. Please choose the link(s) that align with your affiliation to WSP. Please make sure you choose the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh in the drop down menu as well.


Our WSP School Specific EDI Work: Alma Partners Initiative

We have contracted with Alma Partners for this spring to look at WSP school specific work around creating a more inclusive community for our students and families. Alma Partners staff is meeting monthly, March–June, with the WSP Leadership Team, EDI Committee, BIPOC families, and families with BIPOC children. This June, we will assess the work we have completed and target specific EDI plans for the 2021–22 school year.

BIPOC families and families with BIPOC children are invited to join us for a Zoom Meeting on the evening of April 21 facilitated by Randolph Carter and Vicki Larson of Alma Partners, a multiracial consulting group with decades of experience in antiracist, equity/diversity/inclusion (EDI) work and in Waldorf schools. We are honored to have these leaders working with our families. The goal of the meeting is to hear your needs, concerns, and questions about EDI and antiracist initiatives at our school. There will be time for breakout affinity spaces and group discussion.

Help us with the best time to host this meeting: please complete this short form with times you would be available to meet.


Questions about these initiatives?

Please feel free to contact Jen Widich, Family Communications and Front Office Manager:

EDI Committee:

Drew Goldstein, EDI Chair, Board Member

Shannon Flynn

Holly King

Michelle Opdahl

IAsia Thomas

Malcolm MinNekhekh Thomas

Juli Strang-Tryc

Devon Wood

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