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Our Community in Trying Times

We are writing to you at the end of an unprecedented week for our school community as well as our larger city, national, and global communities. It seems that each day brings fresh news of cancellations, postponements, and changes that each of us must face. I know this weighs heavily on all of our hearts and minds.

The true character of our school community is tested during times of crisis, and I am encouraged but not surprised by how members of our community have come together. Observing the positive spirit of students, teachers, and staff is deeply inspiring to me, and the notes of support from parents are heartwarming.

We are writing today with a reminder that, while we're not physically with each other right now, the heart connection we have with one another as a community remains open!  

No matter what else might be closed, our community—of students, teachers, staff, and families—is holding one another. Relationships have always been and will remain at the center of who we are as a Waldorf school. Despite the known and unknown challenges we will continue to face, we will face them with courage, hope, and the knowledge that our community has a bond that distance cannot break.

Though the school's campus may be closed, our faculty and staff continue our work, just as our students continue their learning. May you move through the next week in this spirit of strength and togetherness.


This week, our teachers prepared for a change to remote learning by creating online classrooms and putting together materials for each student. On Tuesday afternoon, members of our COVID-19 Task Force handed out these materials to each family. Even with our health protocols in place (including protective gear and social distancing), the sense of camaraderie and gratitude was not diminished!


As remote learning began on Wednesday morning, students were able to connect with their teachers and fellow classmates, including the 6th and 7th Grade students shown above.

Students were also able to share samples of their work, including beautiful form drawing work and maps of the Roman Empire that 6th Grade students shared with Ms. Goodman.

Students weren't the only ones connecting remotely this week! Our faculty held their weekly meeting remotely to continue planning the best ways to deliver a Waldorf curriculum from a distance. 


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