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Introducing The Gentle Root Pantry

The Gentle Root Pantry is a parent-led initiative at WSP that seeks to provide children whose families may have a more tenuous food situation, or children who forget their lunch/snack, ready access to healthy food in their classrooms.

For the past few years, a handful of parents have been stocking shelf-stable, nourishing snacks for this purpose, and we’ve found these supplies need to be replenished a few times per year. To meet this need, the WSP Parent Association will provide some funding for this effort in addition to a full-community call for donations.

We are now collecting donations of food to stock The Gentle Root Pantry for the coming Fall, and invite you to drop them off in the Front Office during Beautification Weekend! Here are a few suggestions—any quantity is welcome and appreciated.

  • Seaweed packets

  • Crackers with sunflower seed butter

  • Crackers/pita chips

  • Lunch portion cans of tuna

  • Protein, granola, breakfast bars (nut free please)

  • Dehydrated fruit

  • Applesauce

  • Meat sticks

  • Hot cereal packets

  • Soup cups

  • Pumpkin or sunflower seeds

  • Disposable spoons (Earth-friendly, preferred)

Note: Donations made to The Gentle Root Pantry during Beautification Weekend may be counted as 1 hour of volunteer time!

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