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Holi Celebration at the Yellow House

Little Friends celebrate the Indian Festival of Colors

A mother of a child in our Little Friends program brought the Indian Festival of Colors, Holi, to the children this week.

Every Spring, friends and family in India gather to celebrate the coming of Spring. Holi signifies a victory of good over evil. Traditionally, on the eve of Holi, a bonfire (holika) is lit. People sing and dance around it. The next morning, Holi is celebrated by throwing vibrant colors in the air and on friends and family.

Little Friends children were invited to throw holi colors (made from arrowroot powder and food coloring) on white cloth sheets outdoors. Next, the stencils were peeled off to reveal the rangolis created. Children were completely enthralled in the activity!

Interested in making Gujiya — the most popular dish eaten on Holi day? Here is a recipe (unsalted ricotta cheese can be substituted for mawa).


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