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Spring has sprung!

Letter from Our Head of School featuring 8th Grade Presentations

Dear WSP Families and Friends,

The new growth in plant life around us mirrors the growth in our students at WSP. This week, approximately 60 community members gathered (virtually and on campus) to hear our eighth graders deliver thoughtful, inspiring oral presentations. Students were able to independently choose topics to be researched over the past several months bringing well-articulated summaries of their findings to our school community. Topics included the independent music scene in Pittsburgh, premonitions, photography, voter disenfranchisement, machine learning, beats/sampling, police brutality, independent game development, and mechanical engineering.

As a culminating example of the holistic education they have received, our eighth graders shone in their curiosity, initiative, and depth of knowledge in each of their areas of research. It was impressive to watch the ease with which they answered spontaneous questions from their audience. Equally delightful was hearing their peers ask their earnest questions.

Rudolf Steiner described, “Life as a whole is a unity, and we must not only consider the child, but the whole of life; we must look at the whole human being”. In experiencing their presentations, I was reminded once again how we help children unlock and explore the many capacities within themselves.

After a most challenging year, our eighth graders courageously showcased WSP’s mission coming into bloom. WSP fosters each child’s capacity to become an independent thinking, compassionate, courageous, and purposeful human being.

I am so proud of these vibrant individuals and am eager to see how each one will build upon the strong foundation they have gained during these formative years with our school. It will surely serve them well as they continue to unfold, unlocking even more potential in the years to come!

In the spirit of Spring,

Kirsten Christopherson-Clark

Head of School


8th Grade Presentations, Day 1

1:09: The History of Independent Music in Pittsburgh - Finn

18:35: Premonitions - Amelia

36:00: Photography - Zen

51:30: Voter Disenfranchisement - Chance


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