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Helpful Pandemic-Related Resources

Including local testing sites.


Testing Information and County Updates

Testing Locations without a PCP Referral (offering less invasive oral swab tests)

Allegheny County Health Department (county COVID-19 stats daily update)


For Non-infected Individuals

Managing Anxiety/Fear

Preventing Infection

Preventing the Spread of the Coronavirus

Fighting “Covid-fatigue”

"COVID fatigue" is hitting hard. Fighting it is hard, too, says UC Davis Health psychologist

“Pandemic Guilt”

What Is Pandemic Guilt And How Can You Cope?

Helping teens cope with staying home:

Staying at Home During COVID-19: How to Help Teens Cope


For Infected Individuals

Treating Mild/Moderate Covid at Home

When Parents/Caregivers are Sick

Stigma/Guilt for Getting Sick/Spreading Covid

Breathing Exercises

Coronavirus Recovery: Breathing Exercises

Managing Recovery

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