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Being In the Moment

A Letter from Our Head of School

Dear WSP Families and Friends,

Children often model for us how to be in the to be aware and mindful of what is happening in the present and not distracted by thoughts of the past or worries of the future. It is easy to forget this during a pandemic!

Yesterday, this theme came to me in numerous ways. While outside, several kindergarteners engaged me in conversation with sincere curiosity. “What is your favorite color? When is your birthday? Do you work with Miss Penny?” Later, I watched the seventh grade’s chemistry experiment demonstrating the flammability of alcohol (photos below). Had I not been present at the very moment the match landed in the rubbing alcohol, I would have missed the flame contained within the jug, and the seventh grade’s reaction of awe and delight.

These moments are happening all day long as the teachers learn about their students and prepare lessons to meet them where they are. For a child, the gift of a Waldorf Education means they are truly known and understood for who they are and for who they are becoming. Guidance from their teachers through our rich curriculum helps them “unfold” and learn about themselves, so they are equipped to engage in the world with creativity, compassion, and courage. We see this in so many profound ways by paying close attention. I am always interested to check with our alumni to see what they do and where life leads them after WSP.

With this in mind, WSP is thrilled to announce the launch of our new website this weekend. It is a beautiful reflection of our values as a school. I invite you to take the time to explore it and read about several of our outstanding alumni. We celebrate them as individuals and are touched to see how the mission of our school lives within them now. They are changing the world for the better, and we could not be prouder of them!

Each of us is touched in some way by the values, mission, and vision of our school. Please join me in taking a moment to celebrate this!


Kirsten Christopherson-Clark

Head of School

Grade 7 started a chemistry Main Lesson Block this week with a focus of combustion. This experiment included a water jug, rubbing alcohol and a match, and demonstrated the flammability of alcohol. 7th grade will also investigate salts, acids, bases, and the lime cycle during this block.


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