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WSP Parents Step into Faculty & Staff Roles

Peggy Yoo, Handwork Assistant (shown here on right with Ms. Louise)

“I am fortunate and thrilled to be the new Handwork Assistant. My past experience as an orchestral flutist, contemporary chamber ensemble performer, and flute teacher may seem like an unusual fit into this position. However, there are many commonalities. One, in particular, is the development of patience and discipline when working on a piece that grows in new ways. Watching the students analyze, problem solve, and show unfettered joy with a completed work has been the highlight of my new role in Waldorf’s rich Handwork Curriculum.”

Dawn Penny, Games (Grades 3 & 4)

“I am a board certified dance movement therapist, registered yoga teacher, and licensed professional counselor. I am involved in all things mind and body. I have the honor of teaching Games for grades three and four, and I excited to help the students build new movement skills, explore ways of working together, and express their creativity.”

Lisa Collier, Language Arts Teacher (Grades 4 and 7)

“Being drawn to the beauty of Waldorf Education first as a parent has sparked the interest to delve deeper into the pedagogy and the connection to this lovely community. At Waldorf School of Pittsburgh, I have been a substitute teacher, nursery assistant, and handwork assistant. I am now circling back to utilizing my English Education degree as the new Language Arts teacher in fourth and seventh grade. This past year, I also completed my certification as an Orton Gillingham structured literacy teacher and have worked with individual and small groups of children developing reading skills. I’m passionate about learning about Dyslexia and working with kids with learning differences, and I’m committed to learning more about equity in literacy. I love all things handwork and believe in the work of the hands to create and serve and tinker. For fun, I’m reading a lot of young adult fiction right now, including Zenobia July, but have also loved the Louise Penny detective series.”

Lauren Jesko, Extended Care (front and center)

“Hi, most may know me as Logan’s mom since I’m a mom to a bright & bubbly Buttercup Kindergartner. We’ve been at Waldorf since 2018 when Logan was a toddler in the Morning Garden program. It brings me joy to work here by supporting the WSP community and I'm proud to witness every student’s unique personality and their relationship with one another. I’m impressed by how independent even the youngest Extended Care students are! And how the older ones take pride in helping the younger ones put on their mittens and zip their coats, etc.”

Mike Cochran, Extended Care (right)

“I grew up in Minnesota and came to Pittsburgh in 2012 where I became a teacher. I joined the WSP community as a parent in 2015, and then as a faculty member from 2017 to 2020. I have been a stay at home parent throughout the COVID-19 pandemic because of our family’s need for flexibility during lockdowns and distance learning. When asked to consider working in Extended Care to help support the community I agreed because I could maintain the flexibility needed. Throughout my life I have intensely valued outdoor experiences in formal education — WSP provides that while balancing educational goals and community values. My joy during Extended Care seeing how the students play outside and how that changes the way they interact with each other.”

William Bailey, Extended Care (left, red jacket)

“Hi, my name is William Bailey. I am 24 years old. I first would like to say I am honored to be employed here at the Waldorf school! I love it already — staff , family and children — it’s a welcoming atmosphere, and I am ready to build a connection with everyone. About 7 or 8 years ago, I came across a summer program and I will always look back on that for many reasons being that it led me to where I stand now — being able to help children write, read, have fun, play, and just learn to be the best they can be each year! I graduated from University Prep High School in 2015 with honors and took college courses while in my senior year. After I left high school, I graduated from a trade school program in floor restoration at the Energy Innovation Center. During that time, I was able to land a great opportunity to work as a support teacher for Friendship Academy just right down the street. After a while, I moved on to Hug Me Tight as the preschool teacher as well as being accepted into Carlow University for the Childcare Partnership Program! I also recently just welcomed a beautiful daughter into the world about 4 months ago!”


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