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Toward Thoughtful Expansion

A Letter from Our Head of School

Dear WSP Families and Friends,

In Rudolf Steiner’s talks with the teachers of the first Waldorf school, he referred to the importance of teaching children to breathe. The meaning and benefits of this have many levels; however, we can think of it more simply as ensuring children experience a rhythmical flow of contraction (breathing in) and expansion (breathing out) throughout each day. In this way, children learn to live as they breathe through a balance of experiences of quiet stillness and working independently with times for expressive movement and interactions with others.

Nature reminds us of the value of breathing as well. We see it when the tulips close at night and open when the sun shines brightly during the day. We see it on a larger scale with the seasons. In the fall, we slowly begin to turn inward toward winter, a time for a deep in breath of restorative rest. Then, like a fern unfurling, spring is a slow-moving out breath and expansion toward summer.

We will slowly and gradually expand into spring this year as we celebrate May Fair, our annual festival and fundraiser that ritually welcomes spring and celebrates the spirit in which Waldorf schools nourish and support our connection to nature and the seasonal cycles. In an effort to move in small, incremental steps toward a community celebration, we ask those who are interested to purchase tickets in advance for a one-hour time period. This allows all currently enrolled and newly accepted families to sign up for an on-campus experience of May Fair that keeps our numbers as safe as possible. Socially distanced groups will be rotated in 20-minute shifts throughout campus to experience delightful activities that have qualities of both contraction and expansion. We look forward to this beautiful breath of spring with you! Warmly, Kirsten Christopherson-Clark Head of School


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