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Support and Aid for Ukrainian Waldorf Families

The Friends of Waldorf Education is preparing a series of actions to help traumatized, frightened refugees on the borders of Ukraine, as well as those who remain in Ukraine. One of those actions involves sending financial aid to Waldorf teachers and families.

“Some Waldorf schools in Ukraine are run by the state, but only part of the costs of the school are covered. Since many children are taken from the urban areas to more rural areas, or to other countries for safety, school fees are not paid, and the schools no longer receive any money. We would like to enable Waldorf schools, Waldorf kindergartens and therapeutic education centres to continue paying salaries to their teachers. We would also like to provide funds for the maintenance of the school buildings, for heating costs, for repairs or, if necessary, for reconstruction. Please support us in this.”

Devon Wood has been in contact with Dora Šimunović, Advocacy and PR Coordinator for the European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education. Ms. Šimunović says, “For now the biggest need is to collect donations that can directly help Waldorf teachers and families at the moment and in the incoming period. Donations also help us bring the emergency pedagogy programme to as many children as possible, and to train teachers who can work with these distressed children.”

If you feel called to donate you can do so via this link. Note, you will need to convert to Euro ($1.00 USD = .91€ as of 3/10). There are options to use PayPal, Credit Card, or even a bank transfer.

Stay tuned for more information to come regarding possible accommodations for refugees here in Pittsburgh.

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