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Student Artistic Work and Handwork

Rosebud Nursery students enjoy outdoor time on campus. Free creative play is our first artistic expression. It fosters imagination, creativity, problem solving skills, emotional wellbeing and cognitive development.

First Grade has been hard at work learning to knit.

Second Grade knitted sheep and participated in candle dipping to celebrate Candlemas.

Watercolor paintings arose from hearing stories of Moses as part of Third Grade’s Hebrew Stories Block.

Paintings of an octopus from Fourth Grade’s study of Human Beings and Animals.

5th Grade has been looking at the many ways people in Ancient Egypt lived and celebrated life, including contributions made to our world as a whole. Students read about pyramid building and recreated images found in tombs and on other artifacts. The class studied Queen Hapshetsut and King Tut, the first female pharaoh and the youngest pharaoh.

Drawings of ziggurats from 5thGrade’s studies of ancient civilizations and trees which emerge out of a variety of studies like botany and North American geography.


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