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Scenes from the week: May 20–24

Rising First Graders have Spanish class with Señora Garcés as part of their Bridge to First Grade program.


Ms. Opdahl makes calendars with Grade 3.


Fruit prints in Sunflower Kindergarten!


Grade 5 cellists with Ms. Andrews.


Students in Grade 7 present their author's projects. Throughout the process of this project, students focus on organizing and writing ideas in a clear way, developing and supporting a thesis, and using basic essay structure. They are also introduced to in-text citations. This, combined with the artistic element and presentation of the project, helps students prepare for the year-long eighth grade research project they'll undertake next year.


Grade 5 students work on handwork projects and assist in completing the collaborative art project the community began at May Fair.


Faculty and staff enjoy an appreciation lunch provided by the WSP Parent Association. Sunshine notes expressing the gratitude of students and parents decorate a chalkboard.


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