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Scenes from the Week: 02/06–02/10

Grades 1–8 enjoyed a trip to the ice rink for the first WSP ice skating outing since before the COVID-19 pandemic began.


Mr. Mark and Mr. Toby making soup for nursery through 8th grade. Students and staff greatly appreciated the hot lunch on Wednesday, February 15th. This generous gift warmed hearts and filled bellies—thank you! You can find the recipes here.


Portraits of Frederick Douglass created by Grade 8 students in honor of Black History Month.


Poppy Kindergarteners with Courage gifts made by Miss Penny for Valentine's Day. Courage, Miss Penny’s dog, is a frequent topic of interest for her students.


Grade 3 quiet reading time.


8th Grade woodworking—students building chairs for themselves.


For Black History Month, Little Friends teachers are reading the book All The Colors We Are. The children are learning about melanin.


Poppy Kindergarten finger knitting party!


First and eighth grade buddies play games together outside on Tuesdays.


Grade 2 form drawings.


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