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Scenes from the Week: 01/31–02/04

Seventh Grade students receive encouragement and safety reminders from Ms. Illar (on right) at Hidden Valley Ski Resort. She is a lifelong skier and boarder. Ms. Illar always loved the freedom and challenges on the slopes as a middle schooler, and enjoys sharing it with WSP 7th Graders!

Snowflakes and sun catchers in the Grade 1 classroom.

Grade 3 has been exploring the subject of measurement—measuring and tracking time, money, and space.

Black History Month at WSP—the mantle in the 6th Grade classroom and a Grade 2 writing about Rosa Parks.

Grade 2 winter scene painting and Grade 6 trees in pencil...

Singing during Middle School morning meeting.

Our recycling truck greets the Kindergarten children with a honk and a wave!

Nature provides Sunflower and Buttercup Kindergarten with new treasures to discover.

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