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Scenes from Campus: January 2022

The 8th Grader is one who thinks logically and systematically, making the 8th Grade’s January Computer Science block, taught by Ms. Louise, particularly appropriate. The class was given the opportunity to participate in hands-on experiences bringing to life machine workings that are integral to our daily lives.

The students investigated the history of computers and system thinking, and found dynamic connections with various community members who work in the field.

Guest parents Paige Forest & Ben Collier, with Lucy Portnoff from Duolingo, shared their joy for computers and data science. Also, artist Jayla Patton shared their art with an emphasis on computers recording conceptual phases.

From gender fluid indigenous weaver We’wa to current raspberry pie programming, 8th Graders applied binary coding to computer coding and weaving. Together we wove the tapestry of community and computer science.


Poppy and Dandelion Kindergartens engage with the snow and each other—hold on tight and stay warm!


Second Grade students enjoy reading.


Fourth Grade’s penguins painted in watercolor.


Apple Blossom Little Friends explore building with Mr. Toby.


Grade 3 taps a maple tree on campus. Did you know there are 70 trees on our campus? Not bad for 2.4 acres in the middle of the bustling Bloomfiled/Garfield neighborhoods.


Beloved Community Discussions with Grades 3, 4, and 5. This morning students had a discussion about the bridge collapse, giving some of the students directly impacted by the event an opportunity to share their experiences. They discussed how the first responders came and helped the people who were on the bridge, how the people who were injured were given medical attention, how there was a gas leak and how the gas line was turned off, and how the President was scheduled to come today to talk about infrastructure. These were all topics the students brought in with them this morning. Teachers reiterated to the class that the helpers in the community helped, that those who were injured are receiving care, and that the people who are in our school community living in the area are safe.


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