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An Overview by Omar Alghamdi, Grade 4

Ramadan lanterns in Grade 2

Ramadan is the holy month of the Quran. The Quran is the book Muslims have, like how Christian’s have the Bible. The Quran came to us when Mohammed, our prophet, went up into a cave to meditate. While he was meditating he saw a big shape in the sky and it was heading toward him and it reached him. It was a big angel and it told him to read the Quran. Mohammed didn’t know how, so he ran away. When he came back to the cave, the angel was there and taught him the Quran.

We fast because it gives us a chance to feel like people who don’t have food and it makes us grateful to God. We also fast from bad deeds such as cheating and stealing. Ramadan is the holy month of the Quran and in other words, the Quran’s birthday.

A Ramadan mobile in the Grade 4 classroom.


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