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May Fair: Call for Material Donations

May Fair is our annual festival that ritually welcomes Spring. This event engages the students with the larger community and celebrates the spirit in which Waldorf schools nourish and support the child's connection to nature and the seasonal cycles.

May Fair activities range from flower crown making to face painting, child-made crafts, music and singing performances, food, and more. The most iconic element of May Fair is the children's maypole dance that evokes community pride and joy and continues a tradition that was started by celebrants performing in May festivals centuries ago. This year's May Fair will be held on Saturday, May 7th.

Our entire community works together to create this festival as a wonderful way to share the spirit of WSP with the public, to raise funds for the school, and to have a heartwarming experience as a community working together. There are many ways to help!

Please sign up soon at this link to volunteer for a shift or two. Volunteer hours on the day of the fair will count for twice the amount! If you volunteer 2 hours, you should log 4 hours of credit.

In addition to volunteering for activities, material donations are needed. This year, because there have been fewer opportunities for families to fulfill volunteer hours, we are offering volunteer hours in exchange for material donations. Any donations equal to $20 can be logged as one hour of volunteer time.

Below you will find lists of needed materials. All can be dropped off in the front office.

Bake Sale

  • Chocolate Milk Boxes (Horizon Organics)

  • White Milk Boxes (Horizon Organics)

  • Baked goods — sign up here

Fairy Crowns

  • stem clippers (marked with name to be returned after May Fair)

  • Raffia to braid for crowns (see an example here)


  • Gently used Waldorf-inspired toys

  • musical instruments

  • books

Gear Exchange

  • Good used condition coats, jackets, gloves, rain pants, snow pants, boots, and shoes

  • Storage totes/bins (looking for 5)

Fairy Gardens

  • Recyclable containers (6–8 inches diameter) without holes — ex: to-go containers, plastic plant saucers

  • Nature items such as pine cones, shells, acorns, special rocks

  • Gems (can be shipped directly to the school if purchased online)

  • Seedlings


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