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Joy and Connection

A Letter from Our Head of School

“May light stream into you that can take hold of you I follow its rays with the warmth of my love. I think with my thinking’s best thoughts of joy On the stirrings of your heart. May they carry you, May they cleanse you. I want to gather my thoughts of joy Before the steps of your life, That they unite with your will for life, So that it finds itself with strength In the world, Ever more, Through itself.” —Rudolf Steiner

Dear WSP Families,

This verse is among many that may be read by teachers as part of their meditations for their students. Last week, Miss Jill read it for all of us at our All Employee Meeting. Teachers regularly ask themselves, “What do the children need right now?” Because we work in community, we also pose the questions, “What do parents need right now? And what do teachers need right now?” Miss Jill shared that right now we may all need thoughts of joy.

The campus was filled with joy yesterday as we welcomed students back to in-person and parallel learning. The sun was shining, parents waved as they dropped off their children. A child greeted me from atop the beehive play structure. I felt joy when seeing children sitting in their classrooms fully engaged in their lesson despite being bundled in hats and coats with air filters humming and windows open to maintain healthy air flow. There were joyful giggles in violin class when one of the parallel learners made a clever comment. And the joy continues today when students jumped for joy as part of their morning warm-ups. Wherever connections are made, there is the possibility to experience joy.

When I learned of Mister Rogers’ wife’s passing last week, I immediately thought of Joanne Roger’s smile and her efforts to continue her husband’s work. In an interview with Marielle Heller, director of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, who worked with Mrs. Rogers in developing the movie, she said that Joanne Rogers was “pure joy…she was so real, so human, so down-to-earth, so with you.”

I hope all our students, parents and teachers know that we continue to be with you even though we have transitioned back to in-person and parallel learning. Thank you for all the ways you work to stay connected. I know the children feel this. I wish you many thoughts of joy this week and in the weeks to come which will strengthen and carry us all forward. With joy, Kirsten Christopherson-Clark Head of School

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