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Grades Garden Project

If you are interested in working on the garden plot assigned to your child's class, please reach out to your PA Class Rep to volunteer your time to help make our grounds beautiful, fun, and cared for!

Our Facilities Manager, Mr Mark, has assigned on-campus garden plots for each grade to maintain so that PA Class Reps are able to coordinate garden projects for the families of each grade.

A few important notes about the project:

  • Parents can volunteer their time to do work at any time fitting within their schedules, as well as work with their class.

  • Materials like plants, mulch, fertilizer, etc., are always welcome.

  • An assortment of garden tools such as: shovels, spades, brooms, clippers, etc., will be available for anyone to use.

This is an ongoing volunteer project so there is no deadline to finish but there is a start date of late March.

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