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Did you know? Why does Waldorf Education include handwork and an emphasis on working with the hands?

According to the article, “Why Crafting Is Great For Your Brain: A Neuroscientist Explains” by Dr. Sarah McKay, crafting with others offers: “mental challenge and problem solving; social connection; mindfulness; development of hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and fine motor dexterity; focused attention and thoughts on a task; active creativity; a sense of pride and achievement; patience and perseverance; while facilitating memory formation and retrieval.” For more information on the benefits of handwork and the way it is incorporated into Waldorf Education explore the links below:

A short film of Renate Hiller talking about the importance of handwork (knitting, etc.) in the modern world. Renate is the co-director of the Fiber Craft Studio at the Threefold Educational Center in Chestnut Ridge, NY.

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