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Did you know? A picture of commencement at the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh.

Each year WSP graduates a group of students, celebrating both the whole class and the individual students who make up the class. Have you ever wondered what Commencement looks like at our school? While some elements may change based on the preferences of the class teacher, others are tradition. For instance, each student in the graduating class has an opportunity to share a reflection of their time at our school through the arts. The 6th and 7th grade classes celebrate the graduating class by singing a song during the ceremony and by preparing and hosting a reception afterwards—it is a community effort. And, ever so important, the class teacher offers words of advice to the students as they move on from the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh.

The WSP Class of 2014—the first 8th grade class to to graduate from the school was taught by WSP Class of 2022 teacher Anne Clair Goodman.

Miss Thomas celebrates commencement for her 5th grade class (Class of 2010) at a time when WSP programming ended at grade 5. Note, you can see Liam Gannon (now WSP middle school art teacher) seated on stage!


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