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A BIG thank you to the farmers who visited our campus for Michaelmas!

A very special thank you to the farmers who shared their passions with our children during the Seed to Harvest Annual Fund kick-off. They answered so many questions.

Haffey Farm

The delightful gourds each student received today came from Haffey Family Farm. Haffey Family Farm is a small, family-owned farm that grows a variety of produce including tomatoes, corn, watermelon, cantaloupes, pumpkins, beets, garlic and much, much more. They only grow non-GMO produce and use sustainable farming methods. For more information, please visit their website at

Rootspring Farm

Last year, Waldorf parents Mike Kozac and Alicia Haley bought 75 acres of fields, meadows, and forest in South Bend Township in southern Armstrong County 40 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. They began growing cut flowers on a quarter acre plot with the goal of bringing locally and naturally grown flowers to our community and Pittsburgh region. Beautiful bouquets from Rootspring Farm have adorned the classrooms and hallways of WSP this fall. Today, students were thrilled to meet one of Rootspring Farm's goat named Daisy who was so gentle and happy to be petted and fed!

Leap’s Farm

Russ Leap and his wife, Patty, own and operate Leap’s Farm. Russ is a 4th generation farmer and Patty is 1st generation. Their farm is carbon neutral. They have been growing garlic for many generations. Russ continues to grow organic garlic his family brought to America 157 years ago. They also produce honey, flour, cornmeal, horseradish, onions, vine crops, shallots, and eggs. They bred guinea fowl from African bloodlines and rare heirloom Royal Palm turkeys. Russ recently wrote and published From Passion to Profit: Starting a Micro-Farm. Their farm is located in Penn Run, Indiana County.

Blackberry Meadows

Blackberry Meadows is within 30 miles of Pittsburgh and is a certified organic farm, borrowing heavily from permaculture, biodynamic, and sustainable best practices. At their farm, there is always an open invitation for others to join them and see what they do and learn how to do it for themselves.


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