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8th Grade Commencement—Congratulations Class of 2022!

On Friday, June 10, the WSP Class of 2022 Commencement honored the graduating 8th graders thus ending their time at WSP. Members of the WSP community—families, students, faculty, administration, and members of the Board of Trustees and Parent Association—gathered for an evening of reflection upon the class as a whole and as individuals. Kevin Seal (2022 class teacher for grades 1–5) returned as the Commencement Speaker, while class parents Heather Conrad and Emily Hanser (pictured below) spoke about their families' experiences at WSP. We wish the Class of 2022 well as each student continues on their educational journey and want them to know they will always have a place here at the Waldorf School of Pittsburgh.

Photos: Randi Voss Photography

Students from the class share reflections of their time at our school through the arts. Two students played Stand By Me on the guitar while two other students from the class bravely—and with much humor—offered interpretive dances reflective of each member of the class.

WSP Parent Association Co-Chair Mark Staley presented two books to the WSP library chosen by the graduating class. It is tradition to donate one book, but given this class's particular love of reading two were selected.

WSP Class of 2022 Class teacher, Anne Clair Goodman serenades the class as she provides playlist-inspired parting thoughts to the class to take with them as they leave WSP.

As per tradition, the 6th and 7th grade classes host a reception for the graduating class.


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